Touch n Seal Gun Foam II polyurethane foam is a high-performance, one component, approved Type V Residential Fireblock penetration sealant for use around pipes and conduits. It is permanent, bright orange in color, hypoallergenic and dries within minutes of application. It is non-toxic and will not decompose with age.

Gun Foam II permanently air seals and insulates gaps and cracks up to 1-1/2” (38 mm) wide blocking drafts, moisture, insects while improving comfort and reducing energy usage in commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications. It provides a permanent insulating and air sealing solution to building component materials including wood, masonry, insulating foam boards, metal, plastics, and sheetrock.



• Approved Type V Residential Fireblock Penetration Sealant (ASTM-814)

• Bright orange color; easily identifiable

• Provides a permanent seal against air, moisture and insect infiltration

• Easier to use than caulk fireblock penetration sealants

• Reduces energy loss

• No ozone depleting chemicals

• Does not trap moisture, dust, and allergens like fiberglass insulation

• Expands to fill gaps up to 1/2” (12.5mm) wide reducing air exchanges

• Closed cell structure.

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