Shur-Fit also specializes in fabricating custom fittings and display models for a wide variety of industries and applications. Combine our Certified Engineer Technologist with top of the line CNC equipment and we are able to custom design and fabricate 3D models using Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and TRYMER® board stock.

Our fabricated designs include set decorations and props for the movie and film industry.

Photos courtesy of BIG BUZZ DESIGNS



Shur-Fit is able to transform scaled drawings in various file formats into 3D forms. We can create custom computer-aided manufacturing products out of low-density materials (i.e. foam, wood) for a one-off prototype or mass run manufacturing.

We specialize in doing scaled landscapes for engineers and architects. What used to take weeks and months to do by hand, Shur-Fit is able to produce in days.

We pride ourselves on our speedy service, knowledge, and experience. Please contact us for more information about our CNC routing services!

If you wish to inquire about prices or have any questions, please CONTACT US and we will fax or email the information.

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