Manson ALLEY-K™ pipe insulation is a preformed insulation product composed of high-quality glass fibres, bonded together with a thermosetting resin. The 36” pipe sections are available with or without the All Service Jacket (ASJ). Our all service vapour retarder jacket (ASJ) reinforced with glass fibres come with a factory-applied pressure sensitive Self-Sealing Lap closure system (SSL). Butt strips are also supplied.


Manson ALLEY-K™ pipe insulation is intended as a thermal insulation product for hot and cold service piping. Typical uses include domestic hot and cold water, hot water heating, high temperature, dual temperature, steam, condensate and refrigerated lines. As a component of a suitable insulation system, plain ALLEY-K™ pipe insulation may be used for light industrial applications, while ALLEY-K™ pipe insulation with ASJ jacket may be used for commercial and institutional usage.



ASTM C 547  (Type I)  /  ASTM C 795  /  ASTM C 585  /  MIL-I-24244C  /  City of New York MEA 325-83-M  /  NRC Reg Guide 1.36  /  ASTM C 1338  /  ASTM C 356

UL 723/ASTM E84  /  CGSB 51-GP-52M  /  ASTM C 1136 (Type I, II)  /  Water Vapor Permeance (ASTM E-96): 0.02 perms MAX  /  TAPPI T803 (Beach Units) Jacket minimum rating of 50 units Surface Burning Characteristics  /  UL/ULC Classified  /  Does not exceed 25 Flame Spread, 50 Smoke Developed when tested in accordance with CAN/ULC S102-M88 and NFPA 255



Greenguard Certification
• Greenguard GOLD certified for superior indoor air quality performance
• Over 50% post-consumer recycled glass

EUCEB – This product is tested and certified to meet EUCEB requirements
• Temperature Limitation (ASTM C 411), up to 850°F (454°C)
• Alkalinity (ASTM C 871), less than 0.6% as Na2O, pH between 7.5 and 12.0
• Corrosiveness (ASTM C 665), no greater than sterile cotton
• Water Vapor Sorption (ASTM C 1104), 0.2% or less by volume



Manufactured to the natural shape of the fittings, which complement the insulation system by eliminating costly field fabrication and the need for multiple materials and tools. This enables the p-trap to be installed in space-restricted areas with ease.

The tough and durable fittings are made with a Class 1 fire retardant fiberglass membrane and come complete with a 25/50 fitted PVC cover. The heat tracing allowances mean an easy installation, removal and re-installation.

Shur-Fit’s parkade p-traps are available in a number of sizes including 1 1/2″ & 2″ copper and 2″, 3″ & 4″ cast iron pipe, and conform with ASTM C-585.



PRO-PIPE SUPPORTS are an exclusive product, designed by Shur-Fit Products Ltd. Our unique and innovative design simplify the installation process and they’re generating rave reviews from insulators across North America. This product is proof that Shur-Fit is geared towards improving the insulation industry.


  • Range in size from 5/8″ to 12″ pipe
  • Consist of 25/50 rated fiberglass
  • Come with an all-service jacket (ASJ)
  • Include structural inserts for internal support
  • Come with a ribbed shield made from galvanised steel
  • Can come with an optional PVC jacket

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