Shur-Fit Products’ Pro-Pipe Support is a pre-assembled 3-in-1 insulation product that includes:

  • Pre-formed fiberglass pipe insulation with an ASJ SSL (all service jacket with a self-sealing lap)
  • High-density, 25/50 rated CNC cut Polyiso foam insert to prevent the fiberglass insulation from compressing
  • Heavy gauge, galvanized shield with centerline ribs and labeled with size for easy identification


Installing Pro-Pipe Supports during pipe installation will eliminate the need to rework the threaded rod due to insufficient length for insulation thickness. This method will also help ensure proper pipe grading because hangers will not be adjusted by other trades. They offer a fast and easy installation and can accommodate heat traced pipes too.

The high-density foam insert will help with “installed thickness” code compliance because the weight will be evenly distributed and the fiberglass insulation will not get compressed.

You won’t need to worry about sliding and falling shields either because the centerline ribs will prevent slipping. The shields also come with rounded edges which reduces the risk of puncturing the vapour barrier.


If you wish to inquire about prices or have any questions, please CONTACT US and we will fax or email the information.

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