SUPERIOR SHIELDS are pressed from galvanized metal with centerline ribs to prevent the shield from shifting or falling off in the support hanger.  These shields are perfect for protecting the insulation from being compressed and protecting the ASJ from being ripped.  

Shields are 180 degrees (half the circumference of the pipe) and 12″ long. When used together with high-density insulation to support insulated piping systems, they help protect the integrity of the vapor barriers and allow continuous insulation thickness. 

Made in NA


  • Manufactured using G90 galvanized steel or T304 Stainless Steel
  • The shields come with two centering ribs that provide strength and prevent the shield from shifting or falling off
  • Ends are flared to prevent tearing of the vapour barrier
  • 3/16″ radius corners prevent vapor barrier damage and provide personnel protection.
  • Oblong and flared slots accommodate plastic zip ties or stainless steel banding, ensuring the permanent security of the shield due to improper loading.
  • Individually labeled with size and outside diameter for quick identification
  • Packaged in square plastic buckets that allow easy job site transfers.

These simple innovations ensure a fast and easy application while providing a safe working environment.

If you wish to inquire about specific sizes or prices, please CONTACT US and we will fax or email the information, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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