We are insulators by trade and are experts in the manufacturing and fabrication of superior quality mechanical pipe insulation products for industrial and commercial applications. Our metal jacketing and mechanical insulation products are used in the industrial sector to insulate and jacket piping, tanks, vessels and equipment in process facilities (oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical plants and refineries), power plants (fossil fuel and co-generation), pulp and paper mills, steel and aluminum plants, food processing plants and textile mills. Our mechanical insulation products are used in the commercial sector for chilled water, refrigeration, and Liquified Natural Gas applications.  We specialize in jacketing and insulation products for grooved lock type systems and we also manufacture the world’s only aluminum small diameter fittings and jacketing.

Shur-Fit’s industry-leading design and engineering team are capable of producing working 3-D models of parts ready for a one-off prototype or for mass run manufacturing.

Pipe insulation is a seriously under-utilized but proven technology solution that will save energy, reduce fuel costs and reduce a facility’s impact on the environment.  The role of insulation in energy efficiency and environmental preservation is clear.  Every time a system is insulated, it will improve the energy efficiency of a facility and reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, from an economical point of view, thermal insulation simply makes great business sense. In all cases, a properly selected, specified and installed thermal insulation system will provide an excellent return on investment from energy cost savings.

We work with industry associations, engineers, governments and other stakeholders to establish standards and to further develop innovative solutions that maximize energy efficiency.

Because Thermal Insulation Makes Great Business Sense!

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